#24 – Exterminate Anxiety!


I got 99 problems and anxiety is about 98 of those!

I work very hard to stay positive and plow through or let go of my neurosis. One of the ways I do this is to have a Horrible Meltdown every so often. Last night was one of those. Ugly Crying is very cathartic!  Afterwards, I felt a whole lot better! Today, I am almost back to 100% upbeat.



#21 – Don’t Hate the Spreadsheets!


There’s a story, of course.

I took a break from WoW for the month of December. By Mid January, nighttime dreams were consisting of my friends and I participating in a Live Action World of Warcraft Convention. Clearly, someone was missing her WoW-fix.

I LOVE holidays! To me, the decorations, the spirit, the reason to celebrate life, the introspection that comes from thinking about the Reasons for the Seasons are the Spices of Life. (Why I call my main site “In the Spice Rack!”)  When I found out there were holidays to celebrate on WoW (and even achievements for them!!!), I was ALL over that!

My friends and guildmates know when it is holiday time on WoW not to bother me. I have a strict schedule to keep! In order to accomplish all of the things needed for all 20 of my toons (I am clearly insane), I needed a spreadsheet to see what needed to be done.

This has left me wide open to a lot of teasing! (I see you there, Bob & Marsh!) And I accept it, because really?!?!?! Spreadsheets, Cori? The answer is: YES! They help so much!

I was watching a TED Talk by Jane McGonigal the other day, and she said that human beings like getting achievements.  Since she is an expert, I decided that maybe my spreadsheets are actually a GOOD thing for me. I promptly dug them out in time for Lunar Festival (which is WoW’s version of Chinese New Year).

Speaking of – Happy Chinese New Year!

(Is it politically correct to say that? Hmm.)