#35 – I’ve never…


This is basically a drinking game.

You sit in a circle around a campfire. One person says, “I’ve never…” and then finishes the sentence. If you HAVE done whatever it is, then you take a drink.

I’ve never wrote webcomics that only I found funny.

I would totally drink.

See how it works?

Now you try it!



#29 – But I don’t wanna drop it!


I was in a D&D/Pathfinder game a bit ago. My character became “panicked” and I asked, “What does panicked mean?”

Our dear GM replied, “It means you drop what you are holding and run away! It’s like being “shaken” but more!”

“You mean like being “feared” by a warlock in WoW?”

“Yes, but you also drop your stuff.”

My jaw dropped. “But, my precious sword!  I don’t wanna drop it!”

“Pretend they are sugar peas and drop ’em!”

“Ok!” I said. I had no other choice but to channel my inner Catbug.



#28 – Sugary Sweet Drag Queens are Love! (And crunchy.)



It is up for debate as to whether I am actually funny or not.

I think I’m hilarious however. 🙂

Here, we combine Shakespeare, with 1980s pop culture favorite, the Tootsie Pop, which is actually an incarnation of Dustin Hoffman’s beloved character Tootsie.

(He’d totally be root beer flavored, yo!)